QNAP TL-R1620Sep-RP 16-Bay, 3U Rack-mountable Expansion Unit

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Enterprise-grade SAS 12Gb/s storage expansion supporting multipath routing and daisy chaining

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QNAP TL-R1620Sep-RP 16-Bay, 3U Rack-mountable Expansion Unit

The QNAP TL-R1620Sep-RP SAS 12Gb/s storage expansion enclosure is designed for expanding the storage space of your QTS or QuTS hero NAS. Up to sixteen expansion enclosures can be daisy-chained via high-speed mini SAS HD cables to support up to 4.6PB raw capacity, ideal for archiving/backing up virtualization applications, surveillance recordings, large data, or multimedia. Featuring Broadcom® SAS DataBolt™ bandwidth optimization technology, the TL-R1620Sep-RP consolidates 6Gb/s infrastructure into 12Gb/s. When connected to a QTS/QuTS hero NAS that supports multipath routing, the TL-R1620Sep-RP can achieve smoother data transmission and continuous system operation.

Supported NAS System DataBolt Bandwidth Optimization Multipath Routing
Expand the storage space of a QTS/QuTS hero NAS, supports up to 4.6PB raw capacity by daisy-chaining up to 16 expansion enclosures. Combine multiple 6Gb/s transmissions into 12 Gb/s data streams to achieve faster speed with existing 6Gb/s infrastructure. Ensure smooth data transmission and continuous operation by using the TL-R1620Sep-RP with a NAS that supports multipath routing.
Storage Management Remote Files Transfer Easy Installation & Storage
Manage the storage space and settings of the TL-R1620Sep-RP with Storage & Snapshot Manager on the host NAS. Conserve network bandwidth and performance by using the TL-R1620Sep-RP to transfer huge files from one device to another. With a short-depth design, the TL-R1620Sep-RP is suitable for universal deployment.

Achieve up to 96Gb/s with link aggregation

The QNAP TL-R1620Sep-RP is powered by a low-power 28nm SAS35x36R SAS Expander and supports 12/6 Gb/s SAS/SATA drives.. Also, it has four 12 Gb/s SAS 3.0 (x4 Lane) SFF-8644 SAS Wide Ports. By connecting the TL-R1620Sep-RP to the host NAS and daisy-chaining multiple JBODs with two wide ports configured with link aggregation, the solution delivers up to 96Gb/s transfer speed.

Supports SAS DataBolt™ technology, delivers 12Gb/s speed using existing 6Gb/s infrastructure

Featuring Broadcom® SAS DataBolt™ bandwidth optimization technology, the TL-R1620Sep-RP features an intelligent data buffer for transferring data to drives at speeds that match the performance of the host NAS. Whether the TL-R1620Sep-RP uses 12Gb/s or 6Gb/s drives, the NAS host will transfer data to the TL-R1620Sep-RP at 12Gb/s, allowing you benefit from high-speed 12Gb/s SAS transmission with existing 6Gb/s infrastructure.

Note: The QNAP host NAS requires QTS 4.5.1 / QuTS hero h4.5.1 (or later) with SAS ports or with a QXP PCIe a PCIe SAS storage expansion card installed. Check PCIe SAS card compatibility

Connect up to 16 JBODs, support up to 3.4 PB raw capacity

The TL-R1620Sep-RP has four 12 Gb/s SAS 3.0 (x4 Lane) SFF-8644 SAS Wide Ports. Up to sixteen TL-R1620Sep-RP can be daisy-chained to achieve a raw capacity of up to 4.6PB.

1. Use the CAB-SAS10M-8644-8088 12Gb/s to 6Gb/s external cable to connect to SAS NAS / REXP expansion enclosures and 6 Gb/s SAS HBA.
2. The host NAS requires one QXP-1620S-B3616W SAS card to daisy chain sixteen JBODs with single path routing. Using multipath routing with link aggregation enabled, the host NAS with one QXP-1620S-B3616W SAS card can daisy chain four JBODs; the host NAS with two QXP-1620S-B3616W SAS cards can daisy chain eight JBODs.

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Weight 16.01 kg
Dimensions 380 × 620 × 795 mm
HDD Bays


HDD type

2.5", 3.5", SAS 12Gbps, SAS/SATA 6Gbps

USB 2.0 Ports


USB 3.0 Ports



Rack 3U

Power Supply



3 years


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