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QNAP Officially Releases File-based Cloud Gateway HybridMount for Elastic Hybrid Cloud Environment

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QNAP® Systems, Inc. today launched the official HybridMount File-based Cloud Gateway application that integrates multiple public cloud services, helping enterprises easily deploy a highly cost-effective, elastic, and secure hybrid cloud storage environment. The released official version of HybridMount has added the Transfer Resource function, which significantly improves cloud access efficiency by allowing users to flexibly allocate NAS processor resources and data transfer bandwidth. Starting from today, QNAP NAS users will receive the HybridMount official version update.

HybridMount File-based Cloud Gateway allows QNAP NAS users to access cloud storage with standard protocols (including SMB, FTP, AFP, NFS, and WebDAV). With local caching enabled on NAS, users can access cloud storage with near-LAN speeds. Users can also leverage versatile QTS features, such as file management, editing, and multimedia applications, for the NAS-connected cloud storage. Alternatively, users can simply use remote mount service for mounting remote storage or cloud space with HybridMount and centrally access the data via File Station. HybridMount supports 22 major file storages and object storages. Following HybridMount’s beta version release, there has been more than 100,000 downloads.

Businesses and organizations can use HybridMount on NAS in different locations and map those NAS to the same cloud storage for file synchronization, ensuring they always have the latest file versions. By enabling local caching, HybridMount caches recently-accessed cloud data on the NAS. This greatly reduces network usage costs by eliminating the need for different users to each download a copy of a shared file, while streamlining data access for higher productivity.

QNAP provides 2 free HybridMount lifetime licenses for users to build their hybrid cloud environment. Businesses can purchase licenses at QNAP Software Store for adding cloud connections and easy scalability to meet company growth demands.

HybridMount supports the following cloud storages

Alibaba® Cloud, Amazon® Drive, Amazon® S3, Azure®, Backblaze® B2, Box®, Citrix® ShareFile, DigitalOcean® Spaces, Dropbox®, Google™ Cloud, Google™ Drive, HiCloud®, HiDrive®, HKT®, HUAWEI® Cloud, IBM® Cloud, OneDrive® for Business, OneDrive®, OpenStack®, Rackspace®, Wasabi®, Yandex® Disk

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Availability HybridMount File-based Cloud Gateway official version can be downloaded from QTS App Center. Download the QNAP Cloud Gateway presentation file to learn more.