About Us

At Marksmen IT, the team behind QNAP Source, we believe there is a NAS option for everyone and every scenario. We are to make this a journey a great experience for you.

A NAS? In English, please...

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. In a nutshell, a device that allows you storing your data in a centralized place. Check out our article ‘What is a NAS?‘ for further details.

Meet your NAS

There is insane amount of options and selecting the right NAS for your requirements quickly becomes overwhelming. You do not have to be or become a storage expert. Give us your requirements and we help you with selecting the right device and accessories, no matter if you are after something for your home or enterprise.

Nice little box, but...

So, you have your shiny new NAS, but comes the question: What’s next? Are you not familiar with the concepts of a NAS or not comfortable with answering gazilion technical questions presented by the setup wizard?

No worries, we are still here to help you. We won’t leave you behind once the parcel left our office. Give us your requirements and we will do the initial setup for you, so the only thing left is to plug in and enjoy your new gadget.

What if?

You have the storage, it is set up, then further questions come up? Feel free to ask. We can help you just like get you in touch with QNAP support. You are not alone.