QNAP TBS-464-8G Compact 4-Bay NAS with 2.90 GHz Intel Celeron CPU and 8GB RAM

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Compact, portable, versatile: Quad-core 4-bay M.2 NVMe SSD NASbook

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QNAP TBS-464-8G Compact 4-Bay NAS with 2.90 GHz Intel Celeron CPU and 8GB RAM

Built to fit in everywhere, the QNAP TBS-464-8G M.2 NVMe SSD NASbook is ideal for modern offices, workgroups, meetings and multimedia. Powered by an Intel Celeron N5105/ N5095 quad-core processor (burst up to 2.9 GHz), the TBS-464 has two 2.5GbE ports and USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports for accelerating file transfer and versatile applications. The TBS-464 provides M.2 NVMe SSD slots and supports HybridMount for creating hybrid cloud storage environments, has up to two 4K HDMI 2.0 outputs, media transcoding capabilities, and includes the KoiMeeter app for enabling video conferencing and wireless presentations for small businesses and remote workers.

  • 2.5GbE connectivity

    Both 2.5GbE ports are backwards compatible with 1GbE/ 100MbE/ 10MbE speeds. Up to 5 Gbps transfer speeds can be achieved by using port trunking.

  • SSD cache acceleration

    Use up to four M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs (sold separately) for ultimate storage performance.

  • USB port

    Two USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports for faster data transfer.

  • 4K HDMI output

    Up to two HDMI 2.0 ports support 4K @60Hz output. Real-time transcoding is also supported, and the built-in IR receiver can be used by the RM-IR004 remote control for a more convenient NAS experience.

  • Snapshot protection against Ransomware

    Snapshots fully record the system status and data, allowing you to protect files and data from accidental deletion and malware attacks.

  • Cloud storage gateway

    Supports HybridMount cloud storage gateways for low-latency access to cloud data.


Two 2.5GbE Ports with USB 3.2 Gen1 Connectivity for Greater Performance

The QNAP TBS-464-8G is powered by an Intel Celeron N5105 / N5095 quad-core processor with 8 GB DDR4 memory, and has two USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports for faster data transfer. With two 2.5GbE ports the TBS-464 provides exceptional file transfer performance, and with Port Trunking can achieve speeds of up to 5 Gbps. The integrated Intel® AES-NI encryption engine also helps protect confidential data without impacting system performance.

Build a High-Speed 2.5GbE Network Environment

QNAP offers comprehensive, budget-friendly storage and networking solutions that provide an array of connectivity possibilities. Easily and flexibly upgrade your workplace or home network now to handle bandwidth-hungry applications.

  • A fast 2.5GbE NAS

    A QNAP NAS features one or more 2.5GbE ports, and Port Trunking allows you to combine multiple ports for greater bandwidth potential.

  • Upgrade computers and servers

    Servers and desktops can install PCIe-based QNAP network cards that support 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M Multi-Gig.

  • Add a 5GbE port to laptops

    Laptops and upgrade-limited computers can use QNAP’s portable USB 3.2 Gen 1 to 5GbE adapter that allows you to connect to 5G/2.5G/1G/100M networks via USB.

  • A switch that supports 2.5GbE+

    QNAP’s 10GbE/NBASE-T switches support 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M and allow connecting multiple workstations and devices for high-speed collaboration in device-dense environments.

Handy, quiet and compact. The stylish tech gadget for everyday use.

Designed around QNAP’s unique “NASbook” concept, the TBS-464 is a thin, B5-sized device that measures just 1.18 x 9.06 x 6.50 inch, weighs just 740 g, so it easily fits any working environment. Have it within your office, carry it around, and take it into meetings to enable quick file sharing, collaboration and presentations. Compared with a conventional NAS, the TBS-464’s usage of M.2 NVMe SSDs (sold separately) for storage allows it to be significantly smaller and quieter while at the same time providing ultra-high performance and mobility. The M.2 SSDs are also easily accessible for installation and maintenance by removing the bottom rubber pads and screws. Alongside laptops and mobile phones, the TBS-464 NASbook is an essential device for modern offices and workgroups.


Additional information

Weight 1.71 kg
Dimensions 201 × 93 × 285 mm
HDD Bays


HDD type

M.2, NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4

CPU Family

Intel Celeron

CPU # of cores


CPU Frequency

2.90 GHz

System Memory Installed


System Memory Maximum


Network type


Network Connections in Total


USB 2.0 Ports


USB 3.0 Ports




Power Supply



2 years


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