QNAP QNA-UC5G1T USB 3.0 to 5GbE Adapter

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Connect to 5GbE networks over USB 3.0

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The light and portable QNAP QNA-UC5G1T USB 3.0 to 5GbE adapter provides the ability to add an extra network port to your computer or QNAP NAS. Supporting 5GbE/ 2.5GbE/ 1GbE/ 100MbE connections, the QNA-UC5G1T is especially useful for laptops that lack native Ethernet connectivity.

Add a 5GbE Ethernet port to your laptop

To make thinner and lighter laptops, some manufacturers tend to omit Ethernet ports. With the QNA-UC5G1T you can upgrade your laptop to support 5GbE RJ45 Ethernet connectivity and take advantage of high-speed network connections.

Add extra Ethernet ports to your NAS

The QNA-UC5G1T provides a quick and easy way to expand the network connectivity of your QNAP NAS. You can connect multiple QNA-UC5G1T adapters to your NAS and manage them alongside other network ports in the Network & Virtual Switch app.

Build a high-speed Intranet in your office or studio

QNAP provide a wide range of network devices to assist business and home users with upgrading their network infrastructure to meet growing bandwidth requirements. The QNA-UC5G1T can be coupled with other devices, including a QNAP 10GbE switch, to create a budget-friendly high-speed network environment for improving the performance of various work and entertainment applications.

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