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Easily Save Web Pages to Your NAS Using the Notes Station 3 Clipper

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QNAP® Systems, Inc. today released the Notes Station 3 Clipper, an Extension for Google Chrome that saves web content (including web pages, articles, and images) to a QNAP NAS for quick and easy access. The Notes Station 3 Clipper provides users with an easy way to collate online materials for all their note-taking needs.

“The Notes Station 3 Clipper was developed to enhance our users’ browsing experience, and it allows them to save web pages, articles and images directly to their NAS without needing to tediously copy-and-paste every web page, article or image” said Anay Badavne, Product Manager of QNAP, adding “Alongside the many other features of QNAP NAS, Notes Station 3 and its new Web-clipper provide great value features and private cloud functionality for multiple users across various devices.”

The Notes Station 3 Clipper is very easy to use. Simply install the extension in your Chrome browser and start clipping web content to Notes Station 3. You can flexibly save web content in forms of complete web pages, text, or images without the clutter of ads and headlines. With the private cloud features and tagging function, you can easily access and search through your clipped content whenever and wherever you need it.


The Notes Station 3 Clipper is now available from the Chrome Web Store.


  1. Notes Station 3 Clipper is only available for Google Chrome.
  2. Notes Station 3 Clipper requires Notes Station 3 to be installed on your NAS.